Community support over the last 26 years has helped this House serve over 9,000 families from all over the world. Donations, large and small, have helped the House feel like a home for people living through tremendously stressful times in their lives. Whether it’s a batch of homemade cookies, a home-cooked or purchased meal, handmade blankets, videotapes or DVD’s, or packaged snacks, each gift warms a heart.

So many times people ask how they can help the House and the families who are here. Here are a few suggestions:

Groups to Prepare Dinner** 

Queen sized sheets (cream or neutral)

Individual boxes of cereal*

Fresh Fruit – Bananas

Clock Radios

AA & AAA Batteries

Paper Towels

Individual bags of chips, snacks, pudding, crackers*

Plastic Spoons

New Pillows

* = Items in crucial need

Gift Cards
(Wal-Mart, Kohl’s, Target, HEB)
Rolls of Stamps* 

Glad plug-in refills (vanilla)

Solid air fresheners (vanilla)

Used Ink Cartridges to Recycle

Old Cell Phones to Recycle

Slice & Bake Cookies*

Copy Paper

Pull Tabs to Recycle

Keurig K-Cups (any flavor)*